Investment & service
for new technologies. Investment & service
for new technologies.

Servistica. Your partner for new technologies WE ARE ABLE TO ENTER AT EVERY STAGE OF YOUR PROJECT

Unique times bring unique opportunities. At Servistica we believe that new technologies will give people more freedom, security, better opportunities for a better life and social recognition. We consistently support innovators, scientists, engineers and companies that come up with new discoveries. Our aim is to support them in their efforts.

We will support you at every stage of your project. We understand the value of the person and the team that comes up with a breakthrough idea. And we also know that they need a perceptive background and strong support. This is exactly what Servistica offers. Service and professional partnership for new technologies.

Which parts of the project can we support? Do you have an IDEA? Beneficial technologies?

Which parts of the project can we support?
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    Are you developing a new technology? Send us a brief description of the research or experimental development.

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    Are you at the stage of a prototype, pilot operation or tried and tested technology? We test the market response before we say yes.

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    Research and development: We involve scientists, engineers, designers, marketing and economics.
    Perfectly harmonized teams for perfect results.

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    If everything is OK, we prepare to build production capacity.

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    We create a new company for your perfectly prepared project.

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    We check the completed research and development again, fine-tuning and troubleshooting details before production starts.


We build production capacities Brand new or licensed production capacity.

In cooperation with our partners, we are able to ensure and develop a comprehensive production chain in Central and Eastern Europe. To provide the necessary professions, to build a professional and motivated management team, to find specialists for technical professions and staff for individual operations. Effectively, efficiently, with a modern digital business management.

Law, agendas, patent protection, utility models, licenses

Warranty and post-warranty service SALE IS ONLY THE BEGINNING

Customers are demanding. Although a product or a service allows easy implementation, a professional service solves problems. It supports sales, loyalty and customer confidence.
We create a professional service background, including technicians, data services and the necessary infrastructure.

We ensure the building of a professional service network in Central and Eastern Europe for projects with completed development. Warranty and post-warranty service, repairs, service support, online service, on-site service and, if necessary, the removal of serial defects and extension of durability and product lifecycle.
Provide your customers with a full and professional service.

Online or physical distribution Exponentially and quickly.

We prefer online sale. To cover the needs and deliveries of our partners and brands, we provide a complete agenda from customs warehouses to deliveries to distribution partner sites to warehouse in-time mode. We ensure distribution to specific end customers, including the necessary service support.


We are able to provide comprehensive marketing. With sensitivity to local markets. Data, analytics, exact information for your decisions. But we are able to do and offer more. Experience. Intuition and instinct. You know how important they are in business and science.

Localization for specific markets
Public relations
Social networks
 Markets penetration in hand in hand with brand and image building
Media context